How to Wrapping Headphones Easily

Most of us wrap headphones around iPods, MP3 players or phones without a second thought. We wrap them tightly without thinking of the consequences of doing this. Over months, we may notice lose tape around the headphone jacks. This can lead to the wires in the jack coming undone and destroying the headphones. When the jack cannot work, sound cannot travel from the device to your ears anymore. This can lead to replacing your headphones which can be costly and frustrating.

The easiest way to wrap headphones is to leave the jack and the headphone area loose from the device. Instead of wrapping the entirety of headphones tightly as we are accustomed to doing. You want to leave a little bit loose at each end to keep the jack and headphones to protect them from pulling the wiring out. This is the key factor to keep in mind when choosing to wrap headphones. You can choose to store headphones in different ways, such as in carrying cases, Ziploc bags and just by using a cable tie to hold them in place. Wrapping them can be the easy way to store them but if you do it wrong you could cause more harm than good. Take the time wrap headphones without damaging them, pay attention to how you wrap them and take the few extra seconds to wrap them properly.

What Does Five Beeps Mean When Turning on a Computer?

Computers are smart. They tend to tell us when something is going wrong and do their best to direct us to the source of the problem. When you turn on your computer, if something is going seriously wrong, it will beep to let you know, the sound is similar to the quality microwave sound that notifies you when the food is ready to be served.

The different beep patterns and sounds can alert you to the cause of the issue and help pinpoint exactly what you need to do to fix it. If your computer starts beeping, you want to pay attention the best you can to determine what type of beeping is occurring. If your computer beeps five short times, this could mean a process failure is happening.

What is Microsoft SkyDrive?

There are many different options out there for creating, managing and sharing content online. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more can be uploaded, edited and downloaded again from one computer to the next. GoogleDocs is one of the most popular options to manage content this way. For those using a Google account to manage things online, it offers the perfect solution tied into everything else they utilize on the Internet. However, for those out there using Microsoft services like Windows Live, being able to link those identities to SkyDrive to manage content is much more beneficial.

How to Calibrate an iTouch Screen

One of the first things consumers may notice after purchasing an iTouch is that you cannot calibrate the touch screen. Since many touchscreen-based devices make you calibrate the screen right away, this may come as a shock to new iTouch owners. The touch screen comes pre-calibrated. For most people, this is enough to use the touch screen and interact with the device without issues. However, for others, it may pose a problem if the iTouch does not work the way a consumer wants it to when they are using it.

What is a Base 64k RAM Failure?

There are two ways to determine if a computer has a base 64k RAM failure: If you boot up your computer and hear three long beeps and get no video or if the blue screen of death indicates it. More often than not, your computer will not load if you have this type of RAM failure so the only way to pinpoint it is to listen to what your system is telling you when it boots.

A base 64k RAM failure is an old message leftover from the days when IBM ruled the computer industry. Most computers only have 64k of RAM installed in them in the beginning, if something went wrong with the RAM, you would have a base 64k RAM failure.

My Review of Logitech Gaming Headset G330

For those who know me, they know I am an avid gamer. I have been console gaming since I was a kid and only in the last few years did I get myself into World of Warcraft. I play the game with a lot of real life friends and we use a voice server to communicate whether we are actually playing the game or not. When you live alone, using just your computer’s speakers and a stand-alone microphone is okay for gaming but when you move cross country to be with someone and you now share space, finding the right headset is essential to the livelihood of the relationship and staying in touch with friends online.

Understanding the Rangefinder Camera, Pros & Cons!

What is a rangefinder?

Rangerfinder cameras are in a league of their own. They are fitted with a range-finding focus that allows the picture taker to judge the distance of focus when taking photographs. Older rangefinders use two images merged together to determine focus whereas modern models allow for the photographer to transmit the focus value to the lens focusing ring. Older models had a separate rangefinder piece and newer models have it attached in the center of the viewfinder to allow for greater range of motion during action shots.

What You Don’t Know About the Pocket Watch

Quick History of the Pocket Watch

Just about everyone knows pocket watch. You know, it’s the watch that swings from the hip of a stylish gent. A pocket watch was completely designed to be carried in a pocket. Pocket watches were the first mobile item of technology to tell the time of the day during the 16th century. Since pocket watches were the first, they were generally built with an attached chain to be carried on a belt loop, lapel or any other place it can be hung. The components or ornaments of the pocket watch (chain and hinged metal cover to protect the face of the watch) are called the fob.

Firewall and Anti Virus Help – Virus Removal and Firewall

It is a shame that security is after thought in many home computers.

People only feel the need for it once something has happened to them, such as a damaging virus.

There are some common ways to protect you against such things.

First of all what is out there that can hurt my computer and violate my privacy?

Viruses, these can come in many forms and may not even do any damage but just written to frustrate people.

People will often install themselves by simply not being careful. You should be aware of any e-mail attachments from people you know and people you don’t.

Copy Hard Drive Guide

Copying the hard disk is another name for making a back up of our precious data. There are several methods of copy hard drive in today’s world this job is easy. We can easily copy our hard disk in a Re-Write Able disk. You only have to buy a blank RW Cd, and place it into your RW drive You can then can easily copy our desired portion of hard disk, by using cd burning software, or within windows OS. Check the CD burning guide out for more information.

Another method for copy hard drive is a little bit more laborious compared to the first method we mentioned. In this method, we must have two hard disks for transferring data from one to another disk. In this method, we have to read the instructions and directions of the pins (which help us to make our hard disk primary, slave or master, etc.) carefully. Instructions come on the back of the hard drive. They tell you how to change the pins at the back for primary or slave. These are known as jumpers.