Build PC, Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Getting practical

Should You build pc – Your Own Computer?

Building your own computer may seem like a fanciful idea indeed, especially if you have not decided whether to buy a computer that comes prepackaged.

However, the option of building a computer, once the territory of hard-core build pc techies, is now a possibility for mainstream consumers.

Some people like the idea of the adventure, and they also like the cost savings.

What skills do you need?

And what equipment?

Surprisingly, very little of either. You will not need to do anything as dramatic as welding.

In truth, your task is really to acquire and then assemble the various components, screwing and snapping them into place, rather like an electronic logo set.

Let us begin with the shopping list.

You will need the following

Motherboard, Microprocessor RAM Case with power supply Diskette drive Hard drive Video card Monitor Keyboard Mouse.

You will likely also want a modem, CD ROM drive, sound card, and speakers.

Now the question becomes which type?

A visit to your local electronics store can be a high-tech reconnaissance mission, in which you can gather information from both sales people and fellow customers.

Be sure to check the store’s return policy; you should be able to return any component unconditionally within a certain time frame.

If reduced personal service is an acceptable trade-off for lower costs, you may prefer to buy from a mail-order house; check the advertising section of any major computer magazine.

In my experience, I have attempted building computers purchasing from both, and have found today’s wonderful Internet the easiest source to gather information.

Detailed instructions, which you should read carefully, normally accompany each hardware item.

You can get further advice from magazines, perhaps a local computer club, and the Internet.

We mentioned cost savings, but, most of the savings are not up front.

The total component cost may not be significantly less than what you would pay for a fully assembled computer.

Depending on what you decide to purchase. The real savings on building pc come in the future – when you are able to upgrade your computer on your own, adding more memory, a new microprocessor, a new hard drive, or whatever. This can save you from buying a new computer for many years.

Building a computer can be a satisfying build pc experience, but it is not for everyone.

Generally speaking, if you have any doubts, get someone in the It industry, or someone knowledgeable in computing to help you out.