How to Wrapping Headphones Easily

Most of us wrap headphones around iPods, MP3 players or phones without a second thought. We wrap them tightly without thinking of the consequences of doing this. Over months, we may notice lose tape around the headphone jacks. This can lead to the wires in the jack coming undone and destroying the headphones. When the jack cannot work, sound cannot travel from the device to your ears anymore. This can lead to replacing your headphones which can be costly and frustrating.

The easiest way to wrap headphones is to leave the jack and the headphone area loose from the device. Instead of wrapping the entirety of headphones tightly as we are accustomed to doing. You want to leave a little bit loose at each end to keep the jack and headphones to protect them from pulling the wiring out. This is the key factor to keep in mind when choosing to wrap headphones. You can choose to store headphones in different ways, such as in carrying cases, Ziploc bags and just by using a cable tie to hold them in place. Wrapping them can be the easy way to store them but if you do it wrong you could cause more harm than good. Take the time wrap headphones without damaging them, pay attention to how you wrap them and take the few extra seconds to wrap them properly.

What Does Five Beeps Mean When Turning on a Computer?

Computers are smart. They tend to tell us when something is going wrong and do their best to direct us to the source of the problem. When you turn on your computer, if something is going seriously wrong, it will beep to let you know. The different beep patterns and sounds can alert you to the cause of the issue and help pinpoint exactly what you need to do to fix it. If your computer starts beeping, you want to pay attention the best you can to determine what type of beeping is occurring. If your computer beeps five short times, this could mean a process failure is happening.