Copy Hard Drive Guide

Copying the hard disk is another name for making a back up of our precious data. There are several methods of copy hard drive in today’s world this job is easy. We can easily copy our hard disk in a Re-Write Able disk. You only have to buy a blank RW Cd, and place it into your RW drive You can then can easily copy our desired portion of hard disk, by using cd burning software, or within windows OS. Check the CD burning guide out for more information.

Another method for copy hard drive is a little bit more laborious compared to the first method we mentioned. In this method, we must have two hard disks for transferring data from one to another disk. In this method, we have to read the instructions and directions of the pins (which help us to make our hard disk primary, slave or master, etc.) carefully. Instructions come on the back of the hard drive. They tell you how to change the pins at the back for primary or slave. These are known as jumpers.

If we want to make our first hard disk primary, which is in use currently, then we don’t need to touch it. Purchase the second hard disk and then place the pins for making it slave (note that if our hard disk is in the position of master or primary master then we must have to make our second hard disk as a primary slave). As per the rules of primary and secondary, we can’t make both the hard disks master and slave. We have to have one as master and one as a slave. In simple cases, we normally make our default hard disk as master and our purchased second one as slave. The advantages of a second hard drive give you extra space and of course, you can have one hard drive for hobbies. While one hard drive can be for work. You can, of course, do this on one hard drive by partitioning. There is an article on this site discussing partitions.

Note – don’t forget to switch off all the power connections to your computer because for this process we have to remove the cover of our casing/tower. We save ourselves from the risk of electric shocks. We also save our computer from a shot circuit.

If you feel some sort of hesitation or confusion then please don’t do install a hard drive. I would recommend contacting your computer vendor, or nearest computer store to help you.