Solar Power Watch: Best Solar Powered Wrist Watches 2020

Solar power has been touted around for some time as the savior of our global energy problems, although there remains a great deal of skepticism. Perhaps what the critics fail to realize or acknowledge is that solar technology involved is improving at such a rate that anything, literally anything, could soon be possible. Whilst it is true that solar power is unlikely to provide enough power for our cities to abandon their existing grids, it is the general consumers in general consumer markets who are benefiting the most from this great innovation. Five years ago the idea of having a solar-powered watch would have been dismissed by many as ludicrous, but solar-powered watches are here, and they are good. Very good.

Casio Solar Powered Watches

Casio has been quickest the truly penetrate this emerging market, and they already offer an extensive range of affordable, stylish and very effective solar power watches through selected retailers. Most popular have been the solar editions of their acclaimed G-Shock and Baby-G ranges, with strong sales pushing them towards rolling out the technology into their other lines including Pathfinder and Waveceptor. Read more about Solar Casio watches below.

Casio G Shock Solar Watch

The Solar versions of the G-shock feature everything that an everyday G-shock has to offer, including extensive data-banks and all performance timing features. You will never have to deal with changing a battery, as the G-shock self charges with either indoor or outdoor light. The light enters through the sapphire crystal and the dial, hitting a smart little solar cell hidden discretely behind the dial, this creates and stores all of the energy required to power your watch. The Atomic version of the latest solar G-shock watches is also all radio-controlled atomically, meaning that not only do you never have to replace a battery but there is also never a need to set the time!

Casio Baby-G Solar

Casio has also rolled out solar technology in the latest range of the ‘Baby-G’, the women’s version of the G-shock. These are available in both standard and atomic versions, and like the G-shock have all features already included in the standard Baby-G range! These will tell you the time in 27 different world cities, can hold 30-second ‘telememos’, and are all water-resistant up to 660 feet! The atomic versions feature Multi-Band Atomic timekeeping (Japan, Germany, US, UK), and they receive time calibration radio signals up to 6 times a day, ensuring nothing less than perfect timekeeping!

Casio Solar Pathfinder Watch

If you want a solar-powered multifunction athletic watch, then the Pathfinder is the watch for you. Its incredible features, other than its multi-band atomic timekeeping, include an altimeter with a digital altitude tendency display graph, a thermometer, and a Japanese quartz movement that can accurately keep time for five months without further exposure to light! It has a world clock with 29 different time zones, an Afterglow LED backlight, a 1/100 second stopwatch, a calendar that will work until 2099, 100 meter water resistance, and 5 daily alarms. The Casio Solar Powered Atomic Pathfinder really is the complete watch for the adventurous!

Casio Atomic Solar Watch

Casio also offers a range of solar power standard Atomic watches, including a plain metal one and a ‘sports’ version. These have multi-band capabilities for 5 different towers, as well as a 100m water resistance, and 5 daily alarms! They also feature the ‘Afterglow’ LED backlighting system and the sports version offers a 1/100 stopwatch and tells the time in 30 different cities.

Timex Solar Powered Watches

The only other major watch manufacturer to enter the green market has been Timex, who as of yet have only launched the technology in their ‘Ironman’ sports watches. Like the Casio technology, they can use artificial or natural light sources, and there is never any need to change a battery. The watches in the Ironman range include a 100-hour chronograph with lap or split options, a 50 lap memory recall, a power conservation mode, a 99 lap counter, and a 24-hour countdown timer. These Timex watches are by far the best solar powered option for any serious sportsmen, athletes, or keep fit fanatics.