What Does Five Beeps Mean When Turning on a Computer?

Computers are smart. They tend to tell us when something is going wrong and do their best to direct us to the source of the problem. When you turn on your computer, if something is going seriously wrong, it will beep to let you know, the sound is similar to the quality microwave sound that notifies you when the food is ready to be served.

The different beep patterns and sounds can alert you to the cause of the issue and help pinpoint exactly what you need to do to fix it. If your computer starts beeping, you want to pay attention the best you can to determine what type of beeping is occurring. If your computer beeps five short times, this could mean a process failure is happening.

When your computer begins beeping, you want to determine the beeps and then shut off your computer. The more you try to boot it, the more problems you can cause in the long run. A process failure can mean one of many things. In most cases, a process failure can occur in any piece of hardware on the motherboard. If you recently installed new hardware, it could be loose, failing or defective. If you can narrow down what was installed, you can remove it, replace it and try to boot again to see if that fixed the issue. If this does not fix the issue, you want to begin by taking out each piece of hardware on the motherboard to see if it is conflicting with something else going on when you boot the computer.

If you still cannot narrow down which component is causing the process failure, you may have a bad motherboard. The only way to check this out is to replace the motherboard or take it to a repair shop for them to figure out for you. While this may not seem like the most effective way to narrow down a problem, computer beeps are something that should be taken seriously. If you do not feel comfortable trying to figure out the issue yourself, you need to take it in for repair.