What is Microsoft SkyDrive?

There are many different options out there for creating, managing and sharing content online. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more can be uploaded, edited and downloaded again from one computer to the next. GoogleDocs is one of the most popular options to manage content this way. For those using a Google account to manage things online, it offers the perfect solution tied into everything else they utilize on the Internet. However, for those out there using Microsoft services like Windows Live, being able to link those identities to SkyDrive to manage content is much more beneficial.

SkyDrive is Microsoft’s answer to Google Docs. It allows you to upload, organize, download and manage a wide range of content online through the Windows Live server. You can access your files from any computer with an active Internet connection. SkyDrive lets you share files, too, either through the Windows Live network or by opening them up on a computer and showing them to someone sitting next to you. Just like GoogleDocs, Microsoft lets you manage all your SkyDrive content through one Windows Live username.

SkyDrive allows you to utilize Microsoft Office and Office Live to work back and forth with documents without worrying about losing formatting and other features. Since the documents created are already in the proper format, you do not have to change anything to get them to display properly on SkyDrive. This also applies to when you download documents from SkyDrive to your hard drive and open them. This type of synchronicity is vital to making sure your documents stay the way you need them to while on the go.

If you are a Windows Live user, using SkyDrive is definitely worth it instead of GoogleDocs. These new features are propelling the service up to GoogleDoc’s level. Since you are already established with Microsoft’s services through Windows Live, you would be starting from scratch by hopping over to GoogleDocs. While this may not be an issue with some, transferring usernames and starting over from scratch when you are already established somewhere can be frustrating. Taking advantage of SkyDrive is the best way to keep your identity set where you choose to the social network. If you use Windows Live, SkyDrive is the way to go.